Mr. Kilian Walsh

Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms

Both male and female patients can present with lower urinary tract symptoms namely frequency, urgency, nocturia (getting up at night), poor flow, hesitancy and terminal dribbling. 

If people present to their general practitioner with these symptoms, they are usually investigated with an MSU urine sample, routine blood tests such as an FBC and U&Es and may be prescribed antibiotics if the GP thinks it is due to an infection or anticholinergic tablets if the GP feels it is an overactive bladder.

However if the symptoms require further investigations they will usually refer on to a Urologist such as myself where we would perform diagnostic procedures such as a cystoscopy, urodynamics, or a flow rate and residual.

Based on these studies we can evaluate patients for further treatment, if female be it Botox injections into the bladder or certain operations. Be they male, operations such as a TURP or a PVP (see information leaflet) or medication if required. 

Information Leaflets

IPSS Referral Form


Cystoscopy and Botox Injection

PVP Laser 2

Transurethral Resection of the Prostate (TURP)


Urodynamics Bladder Studies