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Patient Information Leaftets

This information is provided by Urology West for patients who are undergoing treatment with Urology West and have been advised of specific conditions and treatments.

- Cystoscopy & Botox Injections

This information leaflet is intended to inform patients about the risks and benefits of undergoing a procedure such as a cystoscopy and Botox (Dysport) injection into the bladder.

The usual indication for this procedure is in patients who are suffering from bladder overactivity that has been proved on Urodynamics study that the Detrusor muscle i.e. the muscle that wraps around the bladder is overactive.  The idea behind injecting Dysport into the Detrusor muscle is that it paralyses or numbs the bladder.  This can often help improve symptoms such as frequency, urgency or leakage due to a small contracted or overactive bladder.  Most patients will have tried an anticholinergic tablet such as Detrusitol, Lyrinel or Vesitirim before they embark upon this therapy.

The treatment is usually done under cystoscopy while the patient has a short general anaesthetic.  It is done through a rigid cystoscope which is passed through the urethra, the water passage.  A small needle is passed through the cystoscope and at 10 different sites around the bladder a small amount of Dysport is injected into the muscle.  Occasionally this can give rise to a small amount of bleeding after the procedure but usually it is a painless procedure with the patient feeling very well afterwards. 

In 70-80% of patients there will be a significant improvement in their symptoms and occasionally we repeat the Urodynamics six weeks after the procedure.  However, in 1 in 20/25 patients the bladder will be paralysed or numb.  This would mean that the patient would have to learn how to pass a small catheter into their bladder two/three times a day.  This is called clean intermittent catherisation and can be taught to you by a nurse practitioner.  If this were to occur, the effect should wear off after a short while. 

If you were not able to perform clean intermittent catherisation you may have to wear a long term catheter.  Although this is a rare event following Dysport injection, it is important that you understand this before undergoing the treatment.  Otherwise it is an extremely well tolerated, painless procedure which has been shown to give great benefit in a large number of patients.

You can download this information in PDF format here: Cystoscopy Botox Injection.pdf

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